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Thermocouple - Quadrafire Fits Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves: 800 1000 1100i (insert) 1200 1200i (insert) 34.75 in. long (approximately) - 6 month warranty Please see part number 812-1322 for the thermocouple cover THERMOCOUPLE A. The thermocouple is located on top of the firepot inside the ceramic protection tube. Remove the ceramic tube and inspect the thermocouple for deterioration or breakage. B. Check the terminal block screws to see if they are tight and making a good electrical connection (located on the top of the lower junction box). NOTE: The yellow wire is connected to the terminal located closest to the front of the stove. The red wire is connected to the terminal closest to the rear of the stove. C. Upon reinstalling the ceramic cover, be sure the thermocouple is touching the inside end of the ceramic tube and that the cover is extending 1" (25mm) into the firepot. D. The thermocouple sends a millivolt signal to the control box to obtain the green and red lights for the preset temperatures.