Ignitor Element Whitfield



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Earth Stove and Whitfield Igniter Replacement Kit - THE Super Ignitor (tm) Don't be fooled by igniters that don't say SUPER IGNITER The Super Igniter replacement kit with 400 Watt 3/8 inch, runs more efficiently, uses less power and LASTS UP TO 5 TIMES LONGER than conventional igniters. The cost is a bit more but the long term savings are great! Fits the following stoves: Advantage II-T -WP2 Advantage III -WP2 Advantage II-T Classic -WP2 Optima 2 FS Optima 3 FS Optima 3 INS Advantage Plus FS Profile 20 FS Profile 20 FS-2 Profile 30 FS Profile 30 FS-2 Profile 30 INS Profile 30 INS-2 T300P -P11- T300P-T301P-T305P-T308P Quest Plus FS -WP4 Quest Plus INS -WP4 Stoves that were factory equipped for igniter recepticle tube. Earth Stove Replacement Part # 12150213