Control Box Quadrafire for 800 1000 and 1100I



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Quadrafire CONTROL BOX 10 minute Fits: Quadra fire 800 Nova Quadra fire 1000 Quadra fire 1100i A. The control box is located on the lower left side of the stove. It is plugged into the junction box. If the stove has just been plugged in and the combustion blower does not start, check the control box to see that it is securely plugged in. If this does not solve the problem, consult your local dealer. B. The green light located on the front of the control box notifies you that the stove has reached a temperature of 200F (93C) in the firepot. If this light is not lit in the first four minutes of operation, the stove will shut down. Check the thermocouple. C. The red light located to the left of the green light is to indicate that the stove has reached operating temperature. If this light does not come on in the first nine minutes of startup, the stove will shut down. The stove will not try to relight again by itself. You must manually push the reset button to restart the cycle. D. If you suspect a problem with the control box, disconnect the power supply from the stove, then remove the control box and take it to your nearest Quadra-Fire dealer for testing. 8120261 812-0261