Breckwell Auger Motor 4 RPM



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This auger motor is used on some older Breckwell pellet stoves and all of the Multi-Fuel or Corn stoves. P6000 - All Units Pellet Stoves This auger motor was used on most of the older pellet stoves with the analog control panel, and some of the early digital control panel units. For the older analog control panel stoves look at your heat level settings to determine if this is the auger motor you need. If your heat level settings on the control panel are one of the following, then you would use this auger motor: 1, 2, 3, 4, Max or if they are Low, B, C, D, E, Max If the heat level settings on your analog control panel is High, Med, Low or if they are Low, B, C, High, then you will need the C-E-017 Auger Motor instead of this one. Some of the first digital control panels (all push button with heat levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) also used this 4 RPM auger motor. Below you will find a list of model and serial numbers. Use this to determine if you need this auger motor. P23 - 6332 to 7165 P23I - 1916 to 2242 P24 - 53319 to 53663 P24I - 53220 to 53794 P2000 - up to 11779 P2000I - up to 22207 P2700 - 7900 to 8444 Additional Information Serial numbers are approximate and should not be the only source of validation for the part. Serial numbers may be off by as much as 10 units either way.