Hearthstone Homestead Outside Air Kit



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Hearthstone Homestead Outside Air Kit BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Work on a cool stove. You will need to access the bottom rear and the bottom left front of the unit. Identify the assembly pieces listed above. Note: The 3" flex pipe, hose clamps, and termination hood are not provided with this kit, but are necessary to connect the outside air box to the outside air source. Important: Before you install the outside air kit, determine where the duct for the rear outside air box will originate. The duct can be attached either to the back, the left or the right sides of the rear outside air box by changing the position of the intake and blank cover plates. ( Refer to figure 2) IF YOU INTEND TO USE THE OPTIONAL BLOWER, you will not be able to use the rear inlet position on the rear outside air box. When installing the outside air kit in combination with the optional blower, the outside air must enter the rear outside air box from the left or right sides. DOWNLOAD THE PDF SPEC SHEET HERE