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Earth Stove MP240 - Model Year 1992Many of the parts for this older model are no longer being made or have limited quantities. Please search by part number using the search box in the upper right corner of our web site. If the part is not listed it has probably been discontinued. Feel free to email us with any questions at We're happy to help you find your parts!ITEM NO DESCRIPTION Door and Door Parts:27M67 Clip Set, Glass G50 Door Assembly (includes handle) 15101 Gasket (Interam), 7/32" x 9/16" x 18" (Cut to size, Requires 3 strips between glass and door) NO LONGER AVAILABLE86-128 Gasket Kit, 3/4" Door Rope 15099 Gasket, Lytherm, 1/8" x 1 1/2" x 12" (Cut to size, Requires 4 strips between glass and clips) NO LONGER AVAILABLE10514 Glass, 9 1/2" x 15 3/4" (Rectangular Ceram Pane) Gasket not included NO LONGER AVAILABLE10300 Handle Assembly, Door 85-11 Spring, Door Handle Coil NO LONGER AVAILABLEElectrical Parts:15001-1 Blower, Exhaust (60 CFM) NO LONGER AVAILABLE H0222 Blower, Room Air, Left - NO LONGER AVAILABLEH0221 Blower, Room Air, Right, 15007 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE28M61 Control Board, Upgrade Controller 2000 - Replaces Control Board models 15015 15057 Disc, Fan, 140-20F (Room Air Blower, Override, 3 prong) 15011 Disc, High Limit (L200-40F, Manual Reset) 11565 Disc, Low Limit (Safety disc, F110-20F) 10050087 Knob, Rheostat (02107) 15070 Motor, Auger, M-K With Coupler (6 RPM, .80 Amps) 15060 Motor, Cup, M-K With Coupler (1.2 RPM, .41 Amps) 26M22 Power Cord, 8 ft. (02071) 528 Rheostat, Blower Speed Control (Knob, 10050087, Not Included) - 02082 16050205 Thermostat, Wall, Honeywell (Thermostat wire, 16020204, not included) 16020204 Wire, Thermostat, 20' - 18 gage Hopper Parts:15089 Gasket Kit, Hopper Lid (order 6 feet) 15162 Gasket, Burner/Hopper (Between bottom hopper flange and metering cup flange) 1105 Knob, Brass Hopper (Louvered Top) 01105 Miscellaneous Parts:15035 Bearing, Pillow Block (for metering cup and auger) BRN133 Blade, Cup (Order 2 if set is needed) 15041 Coupler, 1/2" (Cup and Auger Shaft) 15039 Coupler, 3/8" (Cup and Auger Motor Shaft) Durham Motors Only 15045 Cup, Metering (Includes blades) 27M80H Gasket Kit, Ash Drawer (3/8" x 1/8" Flat x 16' of 01098) 15163 Gasket, Room Air Blower 15031 Gear, Aluminum Spyder H0534 Marble Set, Gray, MS1502 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE H0535 Marble Set, Green, MS1505 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE 70K99 Paint, Black Metallic, 12 oz. Spray no.6309 (76-141MB) 15050-5 Plug, 1/8" (Spacer for metering cup when burning corn) BRN120 Propeller, Cup-Auger Motor (Black - Durham Motors Only) 15078 Propeller, Cup-Auger Motor (White - Merkle Korpf Motors Only) Firepot and Firebox Parts: 15169C Corn Pot Assembly 15149 Firepot, Pellet PL300 Log Set, Refractory (units with Firepots mfg'd before 3-95) PL500 Log Set, Split (units with Fireports mfg'd after 3-95)