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Whitfield and Earth Stove Igniter Replacement Kit After market igniter replacement kit. Kwik-Fire (TM) Igniter replacement kit with 400 watt Premium Incoloy (TM)igniter, fuse and anti-seize compound. Fits the following stoves: Advantage II-T -WP2 Advantage III -WP2 Advantage II-T Classic -WP2 Optima 2 FS Optima 3 FS Optima 3 INS Advantage Plus FS Profile 20 FS Serial 7494 and lower Profile 20 FS-2 Serial 7495 and above Profile 30 FS Serial 11904 and above Profile 30 FS-2 Serial 11905 and above Profile 30 INS Serial 11904 and lower Profile 30 INS-2 Serial 11905 and ablove T300P -P11- T300P-T301P-T305P-T308P Quest Plus FS -WP4 Quest Plus INS -WP4 (Stoves that were factory equipped for igniter recepticacle tube.) PREMIUM IGNITOR CARTRIDGE KIT COMES WITH: 1- Premium Incoloy Igniter 1- 6 amp fuse 1- Anti-seize compound 1- Step by Step Installation instructions with Photos These Premium Igniters are new and come with a 1 year warranty. They are designed and manufactured specifically to fit WHITFIELD (Lennox) Pellet Stoves. The construction of this igniter is patented by a well known USA Based - International Heat and Control company with more than 75 engineers, including UL and CSA-certified professionals, and nine state-of-the-art manufacturing plants throughout the world. They provide heat and control systems for more processes than anyone in the world and have been doing it for over 90 years. These igniters are not the standard igniter made by WHITFIELD (Lennox). They are superior to the original igniter that came with your stove and the OEM replacement. Whitfield & Earth Stove Replacement Part # 12150213 PLEASE NOTE: The catalog number you have requested 12150213 has been replaced. The new catalog number is H8127