Control Panel Digital 1 RPM CE401



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Control Panel, Digital - 1 RPM C-E-401 Includes board and face plate 5 heat levels Control boards are NOT returnable. Please make sure you order the correct control board for your stove! 30 Day Warranty This control panel is used on most current model pellet stoves except the P22 and P4000 Classic Cast stove. P22 - Do NOT use - See the C-E-101 P23 - Serial # 7166 to Present P23I - Serial # 2243 to Present P24 - Serial # 53664 to Present P24I - Serial # 53795 to Present Big E P1000 - All Units P2000 - Serial # 11780 to Present P2000I - Serial # 22208 to Present P2700 - Serial # 8445 to Present P4000 - Do NOT use - See the C-E-101 Additional Information Serial numbers are approximate and should not be the only source of validation for the part. Serial numbers may be off by as much as 10 units either way. If you have a digital control panel and the serial number of your stove is smaller than those listed above you will need the C-E-301 control panel. Breckwell Part AE401 (Old Part Number C-E-401)